At SEVEN HILLS, we are dedicated to mindfully source exceptional quality 100% Arabica green coffee beans from farm to cup working in harmony to focus on excellence and  skilfully roast the highest quality to bring out the best flavour profiles of the beans.

Whether you work locally or on a shopping spree, the fresh Seven Hills coffee, roasted on site, is sure to lure you in for a welcome break.

We select only the finest arabica beans, carefully handpicked for perfect ripeness from the world’s legendary coffee estates and plantations, to bring you the finest, most delicious coffees possible.

The three rules of perfect coffee making:
Selection of quality coffee beans
Skilful, patient roasting
Experienced baristas

We roast our own coffee beans in small batches to enhance the unique flavour. This involves the beans being roasted in a drum over a flame, and requires skill and patience from the coffee roaster, checking the colour and smell until it is just perfect. Using this method enables us to control the amount of smoke being used during the roasting process to achieve the flavour you enjoy from all Seven Hills coffee.

This highly-skilled process allows us to tailor-make roasts to suit your individual needs. Talk to our coffee roasters if you have a particular type of blend you require.

Whether you’re enjoying a coffee in Seven Hills or preparing your own at home, our traditional roast makes a difference you can see, smell, and taste.

Our aromatically-roasted house blend follows traditions dating back to the 13th century to create a rich, dark, smooth popular coffee, with the perfect full flavour for drinking with or without milk.